Origins Xtractions Ltd, (OXL) is a Canadian corporation established to provide vertically integrated Supercritical Carbon Dioxide
(CO₂) Extraction solutions at 1000 bar to companies who are developing or selling commercial products from Agricultural and Aquatic sources. OXL was formed by three founding companies, possessing over 80 years of combined experience in process
fluid solutions. OXL is focused on the
demand for high quality pure and natural products for the food, beverage, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, fragrance,skin care, cosmetics, and cosmeceutical industries. OXL provides clients “no capital cost” access to extraction services, from idea conception through commercial scale processing.
Clients are able to fully develop while
placing a product in the market during the early “Incubator” stage, continuing through commercial scale processing. When volume or other factors dictate, OXL offers its clients dedicated facilities owned and operated by OXL, or production systems for lease or sale. OXL’s founders have the experience and capability to design, build and operate SFE facilities for their clients unique products.

Supercritical  fluid extraction  (SFE)  is 100% natural  and  safe.

Our primary service is supporting our clients in developing products and getting SFE extracted products into the market.
Our bench-top units range from 250 to 2000 ml capacity and a pilot plant unit with 5 to
25 L extractors, all with operating pressures up to 1000 bar (15,000 psi). Our commercial facility with 1000 bar SFE extractors, using Supercritical CO₂ solvent is in the design phase. In addition, we offer pre and post extraction for our customers convenience. We offer extraction of any natural product feed stock, from grams of product for initial testing to commercial production
capabilities, all operated under food cGMPs. Pre-treatment processing capabilities
include grinding and other particle reduction technologies, drying capacities for the raw materials. Post extraction includes analytical and quality control laboratory access including NMR and GC/MS.

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• Define solubility parameters
for a material at a given
temperature and pressure.
• Development and refinement
of SFE processing parameters; Temperature, Pressure,
Residence Time, Solvent: Feed Ratio
• Process optimization

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• Process revision and optimization
• Extraction of market ready samples
• Scale up – Capacity requirements

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OXL is in the design phase of a high pressure 1000 bar supercritical fluid extraction plant located on Prince Edward Island in Canada. This facility has the capacity to process 1,000 tons per year of feedstock.

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Process Skids
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Process Skids
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For Multiple Vessels
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Natural Product Extraction

SFE  is  economical
for  high  added  value  products  and  environmentally  responsible.

OXL’s tolling services provide clients “No Capital Cost” access to High Pressure (1000 bar) bench and pilot extraction services. During the bench and pilot testing phase, clients will be able to determine material solubility parameters, refinement of processes leading to process optimization and scale up. Clients will be able to obtain market ready samples to test their markets and determine what is needed for commercial scale up. OXL is in the planning, designing and costing phase for building a high pressure facility in Canada over the next 2 years. Other support services will include pre/post treatment of feedstock material and analytic services. This facility is focused on the demand for pure and natural products for applications in the food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, fragrance and cosmetic industries. Our primary goal is to enable the development and commercialization of new products from natural products such as agricultural and aquatic species.

Supercritical  Fluid Extraction  end-products are  residue-free.

SFE is currently used at large scale for numerous applications, among them are hops, coffee decaffeination, algae and saw palmetto.

SFE has the following advantages over conventional liquid extraction:

• SFE CO₂ is not flammable nor toxic, unlike many petroleum and petrochemical based solvents. Thus hazardous and toxic chemical use is eliminated, easing regulatory issues and improving customer acceptance;

• CO₂ is 100% natural, safe, and an environmentally responsible solvent;

• High Pressure CO₂ SFE is the economic process for value added products;

• Solvent Residue-free end-products;

• Processing temperature is milder and oxygen contact is eliminated reducing product degradation and providing higher yields;

• Low viscosity and high diffusivity of supercritical fluids make them more efficient than conventional extraction solvents;

• Products can be fractionated within the process improving product concentration without additional operations;

Extraction selectivity is maintained by control over the temperature and pressure of the medium, the residence time and the solvent to feed ratio. The solvent and extracted material are easily recovered by simply depressurizing, allowing the CO₂ to return to the vapor phase from which it is condensed for reuse.

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Automated Hydraulics
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Fully Automated Systems
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Heating, Cooling, Mixing, etc.
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Equipment Support

Extraction  conditions  for  Supercritical  carbon  dioxide are  above  the  critical  temperature  of  31°C  and  critical pressure  of  74  bar.

For investment information:
William McClounie: President & CEO,
AgriFood Capital Corp.
T 519-259-5281

For product information:
David Campbell: COO,
T 902-628-6900: Ext 225
C 902-394-5325

Industries  that  will  benefit  from
Supercritical  Extraction  Solutions.

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OXL provides vertically integrated capabilities to companies who are developing commercial products from Agricultural and Aquatic microbial sources using Supercritical Fluid Extraction technology.

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    PEI, Canada C1E 2C6
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